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Nicholas II was the last tsar of Russia under Romanov rule whose handling of Bloody Sunday and WWI led to his abdication. Learn more at

While they might have been enemies in real life, in a twist of fate, Tsar Nicholas II and the Bolshevik leader of 1917 October revolution, Vladimir Lenin, have been

The Tsar Tank (Russian: Царь-танк), also known as the Netopyr’ (Нетопырь) which stands for Pipistrellus (a genus of bat) or Lebedenko Tank (танк

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The murder of The Russian Imperial Family on July 17th 1918 was probably the greatest crime in world history second only to Jewry’s crucifixion of the Lord Jesus

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tsar (zär, tsär) n. Variant of czar.. See Usage Note at czar. tsar (zɑː; tsɑː) or czar n 1. (Historical Terms) (until 1917) the emperor of Russia 2. a tyrant

Electronic Arts gave us a first look at the next expansion pack for Battlefield 1, a Russian campaign dubbed In the Name of the Tsar. It’s part of EA’s attempt to

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Tsar / z ɑː r / or / t s ɑː r / (Old Church Slavonic: ц︢рь [usually written thus with a title] or цар, цaрь), also spelled tzar, csar, or czar, is a

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Aug 28, 2009 · Listen to the Magnificent National Anthem of Tsarist Russia – God Save the Tsar – Duration: 1:11. Russia Insider 123,817 views

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Who’s Who – Tsar Nicholas II. Tsar Nicholas II (1868-1918) – Russia’s last emperor – was born on 18 May 1868 in Tsarskoe Selo.

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